Mount St. Helens – 30 years later

Many of you may remember the huge eruption of Mount St. Helens some 30 years ago. It’s been on May, 18th 1980. But how does the volcano look nowadays? That’s what I want to show you with two panorama pictures I took during a visit in 2009.

You see that there is not much left. Even 30 years after the “big bang” the landscape is very ragged. Vegetation is hardly to be seen. In contrast to the national park, the neighbouring forest which is being maintained by a commercial enterprise looks completely different. They started harvesting what had been left right away and planted new trees thereafter. Now, all traces of the eruption have been cleared and new forests have grown.

This panorama has been stitched from 12 single pictures.

Mount St. Helens

And this view has been stitched from 9 pictures.

Mount St. Helens

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